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Perfect communion gifts personalised with your photo or personal message!

Communion is a special time for children. They feel so big and special and that of course deserves a gift. View our full range of communion gifts and give them a personal touch by adding your favourite picture or text.

Personalised communion gifts

When you are invited to a communion party, your first thought will be: But what gift can I buy? Because on that special day you will need a gift that will delight the communion child, who is usually a child between 6 and 7 years old. Personalised communion gifts are the solution!

Your child’s communion is getting closer and closer! You have organised everything down to the smallest detail to make this event an unforgettable day: Your child’s communion is soon, you have organised everything, but you are still missing a gift idea. A personalised gift with a photo or a message would be a good idea.

Personalised Jewellery.

At Fungifts you can choose from personalised jewellery or a jewellery box personalised with the photo of your choice with a religious or simply secular theme to suit you.

The jewellery will especially appeal to girls, but there are also other possible gift ideas for boys. A jigsaw puzzle made from a photo taken during his First Communion is not only fun, but also brings back fond memories of the time he spent with his family and friends. You can also give him a candle box with his favourite photo or a keychain with a photo of him in communion clothes.
With our user-friendly design-tool on our website, you can personalised your communion gifts in just a few clicks.

Giving a personalised gift to a child going to First Communion or a teenager going to Second Communion or Confirmation is not always easy, as you obviously have to take into account the child’s or teenager’s tastes. It is not necessarily easy to please them. But a personal and fun gift is guaranteed to make a good impact and will ensure that this event remains in the lasting memories of even the most picky children and teenagers. For a communion gift idea, Fungifts is the right place.

First Communion and Solemn Communion Gifts

In a child’s life, First Communion is a big holiday because at the age of 6 to 7, or even 10 for the latecomers, children get to go to Communion for the first time, and it is a big day in the life of a Christian. For on the day of his baptism it is still a baby, but this time it is an adult who has graduated from catechism and understands what he is committing himself to. On this occasion, it is customary for the family to give him a gift of Communion, whether it is for First Communion or for Solemn Communion, which usually takes place at the age of 12.

Gift for godparents

Being chosen as a godfather or godmother is an honour, but it is also a great source of responsibility. For from that moment on, you will play a special role in the life of that child in the life of our godchild. Giving him or her a gift, and if possible a personalised gift, brings so much joy and will help create that bond instantly.

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