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Apron – White

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Bath rugs with picture

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Best Scented Candles Vanilla

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Bottle Cap Wine Stopper personalised

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Cushion with Picture – Cylinder Shape

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Espresso set

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Framed Wood photo panel


70 Results

Personalised anniversary gifts.
Celebrate your anniversary with an original gift!

Fungifts offers a range of photo gifts for all ages and occasions. Looking for a personalised anniversary gift that can serve as home decoration? Then our personalised clock is a wonderful decoration piece. Also check our photo on canvas or wood! Or do you prefer something romantic as a gift? Then we have all sorts of heart-shaped gifts such as our personalised heart pillow, the key ring with half hearts, the love-lock, … The choice is big enough!

An anniversary is a nice commemoration of an event that happened several years ago. For example, a birthday can be celebrated with an anniversary, the number of years people have been married, but also the number of years worked in a team can be celebrated by means of an anniversary.

The most common wedding anniversary that is celebrated is the 12.5 year marriage, which is also called a copper wedding anniversary. A silver jubilee at 25 years is also often celebrated as is a staff member’s 25 or 40 years of service. When someone has been married for 50 years, we celebrate the golden jubilee or the golden wedding anniversary.

With our personalised anniversary gifts, your gift will have the extra special personal touch. Be sure to include the number of years in the design, so that it remains a beautiful memory forever!

Because an anniversary is a success, a milestone in someone’s life, it deserves a celebration and of course a special gift.
Check out our selection of personalised anniversary gifts. With our user-friendly design tool, you can have a beautiful design ready in just a few clicks.